Tesla 'API crashes' after update, angry rich bods complain

No network connection for pricey electric dream wagon app? Better use your keys

Over the past few days Tesla punters from different corners of the globe have claimed an update borked their acess to the iOS app, preventing them from connecting to their electric dream wagons.

The thread of complaints first started on Tesla’s online forum on Monday and had continued into today, with customers based in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia venting their irritation.

Model S owner Keith Bigelow said his car still runs as normal, but its smartphone app had stopped: “No functions on the app work (lock/ unlock/ etc) and I’ve just finished charging the car but it shows the car is not fully charged in the iOS app.”

He followed advice to reboot the driver console and his phone which initially didn’t fix things but then proved successful. This didn’t work for everyone by any means, with an “unknown” or “network” error displayed on screen.

Customer cpeyton1 claimed yesterday the bugs first showed up after he downloaded version three of Tesla’s iOS app. He was forced to reset the Model S, reboot his iPhone, restart the Wi-Fi router, and reset the mobe to factory default, and fire up the app again to see if it fixed things.

“That’s a pain. However, it worked. All buttons [were] lit and operational. This morning when I tried the app, no communication at all. A screen with Unknown Error appeared. I think this is a Tesla problem and they should get on it.”

Another customer, Made in CA, said the app did not connect to either of his cars, despite a reboot and the same problem was happening with the Remote S and ConnecTT iPhone apps. “Must be a problem on the backend.”

“I get concerned when there are server-side problems like this that go on for multiple days. I would be really pissed if I were on a road trip,” Made in CA added.

After several days of the app glitch and multiple posts to the forum, Tesla owners started to vent frustration that the company was not opening up about any issues.

“Tesla has failed to notify us of this ongoing situation, even though each of us has invested a considerable amount of money in a high end product that should, at the very least, entitle us to better treatment as customers,” said EddieJ90D.

Customer mre5565 agreed, “My thoughts exactly. Scaling the factory isn’t the only scaling challenge it appears”.

One more said he was "starting to go keyless when out biking" but would need to "rethink that".

Tesla has kept quiet on Twitter but TeslabApp wrote a post on Twitter.

The Register invited Tesla's PR department to explain any technical problems encountered but have yet to hear from them. ®

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