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BOAR-ZILLA stalks Fukushima's dead zone

Wild boars in empty towns are nastily radioactive, but sadly remain normal size and lack atomic breath

Radioactive wild boars have become a problem in the evacuation zone around Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant.

Reuters reports that as some of the towns near Fukushima re-open, those paving the way for returning residents often see boars strolling the streets.

The newswire says some boars have even attacked humans, leading to their being picked off by professional hunters.

Godzilla admirers may be disappointed to learn that the video report shows normal-sized boars being dispatched with what looks like a small-caliber rifle. The monster's famed atomic breath weapon and characteristically terrifying roar appear not to have been options available to the recently-deceased boar.

All of which puts something of a dent in the parable that attempts to harness monstrous forces only creates more monsters. Which is not to say the creatures aren't dangerous: It appears they moved in once people moved out, but did so unaware of the radiation permeating the environment and have therefore picked up radiation doses that make them a very dangerous meal. ®

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