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Monday muster point for storage news. Get in here now if juggling terabytes is your trade

Weekend's over, here's some info to impress colleagues

It's a brand new week. We know you're all dying to get back to work. Here's a load of enterprise storage info to kickstart your Monday.


El Reg asked filer and cloud file data access accelerator Avere about the effect of hyperconverged infrastructure appliances as it sees it.

President and CEO Ron Bianchin said: “We do not see HCI penetrating our target customer use cases. If the NAS function is not a differentiator in what the customer is trying to do, then Avere doesn’t play there today and has not plans to grow there in the future. Commodity applications accessing commodity storage, including NAS, and making that infrastructure easy to deploy is the target for HCI.

"Our customers are building highly differentiated applications where NAS scale, performance and hybrid cloud integration is key. We believe that HCI will be successful in the middle ground, where applications are starting to commoditize, but prior to significant service-level implementations.”

Pressed a little more on HCIA affecting Avere, marketing VP Rebecca Thompson said: “Hyperconverged infrastructure definitely has its place in the world. In order to understand its place, think about how corporate applications are on a spectrum that goes from completely commoditized to highly differentiated."

She added: "Applications on the completely commoditized end of the spectrum, include those where the company needs a function that has been solved many times before. Think CRM, email and collaboration. On the other end of the spectrum, the company is typically implementing an application that allows them to differentiates themselves in the market and from their competitors.

"This usually involves unique applications and/or deployment and often significant scale. Think file systems developed for search, M&E rendering, genomics, hedge fund modelling and the like."

Finally, she commented: "HCI is for applications that fall somewhere in the middle. HCI is intended for mid-level applications that aren’t quite commoditized yet, but need ease of deployment. By definition, it is available to everyone but will never make a company unique in how it is differentiated. And it is threatened from below, as applications continue to commoditize."


Exec changes at block storage startup Datera, where President Gurpreet Singh lasted just seven months, joining in May 2016 and leaving in November. CEO Marc Fleischmann has now hired Flavio Santoni, ex-chief revenue officer at cloud storage gateway supplier Panzura, to an as-yet unspecified exec role, likely we believe to be presidential in scope.

Datera execs blog a lot - you can read them here. Santoni’s LinkedIn entry doesn’t reflect his new gig.

Datos IO

Non-relational database backup startup Datos IO says Datos IO continues to make progress with its application-centric data management strategy and will soon be announcing some news:

  • Doubling Down on Application-Centric Use Cases – expanded support for non-relational databases and the introduction of disruptive technologies for relational databases.
  • Enterprise Data Mobility - new data mobility capabilities for customers to migrate data to the cloud with unparalleled storage efficiency at scale and global data visibility to deliver backup anywhere, recover anywhere, migrate anywhere.
  • Datos IO for Any Server, Any Cloud, Any Storage - new partner solutions integrating Datos IO with leading infrastructure technologies ranging from enterprise storage platforms, to a growing set of public cloud platforms and resellers, to hyper-converged infrastructure and virtualization-based infrastructures.


Matthew - Matt - Morgan has been appointed Druva’s Chief Marketing Officer. He comes to the now cloud-focussed data protection, security and collaboration supplier after being SVP for marketing at Hortonworks, and VP of corporate product marketing and messaging at Citrix before that. Previously he has had exec marketing roles at HPE software, Blueprint, and ten years at Mercury Interactive.

GridGain Systems

In-memory computing supplier GridGain has its Professional Edition 1.9, a fully supported version of Apache Ignite 1.9, with improved performance and automated benchmarking, Kubernetes® support for deploying containerized Ignite clusters, and expanded support for data manipulation language (DML). It says Apache Ignite 1.9 outperforms Apache Ignite 1.8 by 20 to 40 per cent for most core cache and SQL operations.

Apache Ignite is now integrated with Apache Spark 2.1, enabling the use of Ignite Shared RDDs in applications using the most current version of Apache Spark.

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