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Lenovo gets into server-based storage virtualization with DataCore

Our server, your software - let's play a SAN symphony together

Lenovo has struck a partnership with DataCore and plans to offer a Storage DX8200D appliance using DataCore software.

The two have history with their set of SPC-1 benchmark results showing how parallel IO-processing DataCore software running on simple Lenovo servers apparently equals that of multi-million dollar storage array rigs from other suppliers.

The DX8200D is a turnkey system, coming with SANsymphony software from DataCore, and Lenovo says it ships preconfigured, tested and optimised, and harnesses the capabilities of existing SAN arrays. The software virtualizes other arrays and adds their storage to the SANsymphony pool.

The server is a Lenovo x3650 M5, as used in the SPC-1 benchmark runs, and comes with predictive failure analysis and a diagnostic panel for serviceability. IT comes with Lenovo XClarity management software which automates discovery, inventory tracking, real-time monitoring, configuration, fault detection, and alert handling.


In its SPC-1 run configuration it featured;

  • Two Intel Xeon 2.30 GHz E5-2699 V3 processors each with 18 cores,
  • 1,536 GB RAM,
  • Mix of SSDs and HDDs internal & external,
  • RAID Controllers and Avago SAS HBA,
  • QLogic 16 Gbps Fibre Channel HBAs (host connections),
  • Brocade Switch,
  • UPS,

The SANsymphony software provides provides storage virtualization, data protection, replication, de-duplication, compression, and other enterprise storage capabilities, we’re told, at a much lower price point than traditional SAN arrays.

Lenovo cites a TechValidate research effort to claim customers can “realise lower total cost of ownership, with an up to 90 per cent decrease in time spend on storage management and support tasks, up to a 75 per cent reduction in storage costs and up to 100 per cent reduction in storage-related downtime. With a 10-fold increase in performance, data centres also can realise higher availability of mission-critical data.” There’s grist for the channel mill.

Radhika Krishnan, Lenovo’s executive director and GM for software-defined data centre and networking in its Data Centre Group, issued a quote from the cannery, saying the DX820D “is in stark contrast to traditional storage offerings, from legacy vendors, which often-times require compromises in performance, availability, reliability and functionality — limiting the ability to scale and increasing CAPEX, power, cooling and footprint costs.”

Lenovo said its support provides 24 x 7 technical assistance for both hardware and software questions. No pricing or availability data was provided. ®

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