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Ah, breathe that fresh alpine air. And look over there, a majestic HPC Advisory Council

Beastmode crew hosts three-day conference in Lugano, Switzerland

HPC Blog Looking to find out about the latest cutting-edge research and the best way to utilise HPC gear? Or would you just like to hang out with your HPC homies on the Piazza della Riforma in the brisk night air? Either way, you'll want to be in Lugano, Switzerland, next week because the HPC Advisory Council is coming to town.

The HPC Advisory Council (HPCAC, I pronounce it "hip-cack") is sponsoring a three-day conference (April 10-12) that will cover a wide variety of research and computing topics. Here's a little taste of what's on the agenda.

Foundations of Cognitive Computing is the topic of the first keynote presentation, which will be given by Dr Costas Bekas, manager of IBM's Foundations of Cognitive Computing in Zurich. His research areas include massive scale analytics, cognitive computing (of course), and energy aware algorithms and architectures.

High Performance & Scalable Designs of Exascale Programming Models will be presented by Dr D K Panda, from Ohio State University. He will be focusing on the challenges of designing programming and runtime environments for Exascale systems. These boxes, with millions of processors and accelerators, will be hugely difficult to program – even using the most advanced tools we have today. Dr Panda has published more than 400 papers in the area of high-end computing and networking. So if he can't solve the problem of Exascale programming, who can?

The Computer That Could Be Smarter than Us is the provocative title of a talk to be given by Ingolf Wittmann from IBM. Wittmann will be discussing how a new approach to computing, namely neuromorphic, will be needed to provide enough performance to drive cognitive solutions, machine learning, and, in general, making computers very smart.

I'm only scratching the surface of this event. You can find out a lot more here. One of the best things about the HPCAC conferences is that they are absolutely free to attend. So come one, come all. ®

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