Open source Elastic analytics snaps into Google's Cloud Platform

"Openness a driving force" says Google

Open-source search analytics are coming to Google's Cloud Platform courtesty of Elastic.

GCP will host Elastic's open-source search and analytics platform under a partnership deal, as managed Elastic Cloud. The managed service is due later this year.

The Elastic stack – including Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash – offers search, log analysis and visualisation tools for search, logging, security, metrics and analytics, all of which will now be available on GCP.

Elastic Cloud will offer combine both the search engine Elastisearch and visualisation tool, Kibana, as well as Elastic's commercial features regarding security, alerting, monitoring, graph and reporting, and the inevitable support by Elastic's engineers that generally comprises the "management" in any "managed service."

Google said Elastic brought "best-of-breed open_source technology" and the deal gave GCP users "choice and flexibility."

Joint Elastic and GCP customers currently include eBay, The New York Times, Shopify, Verizon and Quizlet, apparently, with the latter – which Google describes as "a leading online studying tool" – using Elasticsearch to index and query more than four billion terms with millisecond response time to help its 20 million users find and create online education content.®


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