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DevOps, Containers, and three days in May

Swarm of Kubernetes, Agile, and CD experts heads for Westminster

Events If you want your software operation to keep up with the outside world, DevOps and Containerization must be on your agenda.

Thankfully, both are at the top of the agenda for Continuous Lifecycle next month, giving you the chance to give both theory and tools a good going over, whether you’re just starting out, or already deep, deep into the field.

From our keynote speakers, through our conference presenters, to our workshop leaders, we’ve chosen people with real world experience to help you improve your software operation.

Keynoter Jen Krieger has led a DevOps transition at Red Hat, and continues to guide teams into agility while respecting the firm’s commitment to Open Source.

Our conference speakers have experience of a wide range of industries, and challenges, whether as consultants or inhouse leaders, and will be talking about implementing security in gaming, testing in media, transformation in finance, and development in travel.

At the same time, we’ve got container and microservices sessions, ranging from the visionary, through to the truly nuts and bolts, with speakers focusing on deep technology, key tools and strategies

All of which will line you up nicely for our optional third day workshops.

We have inspirational sessions to help you plan or refine your adoption of DevOps or Continuous Delivery move.

Alongside these, we have deep dive sessions on key technologies, such as databases and DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins.

You can see the full lineup of sessions and speakers here. But there’s one other key source of information – you and your fellow attendees. We’ll ensure there’s plenty of comfortable space, and equally comfortable food and drink, to help the talk flow and ensure you get the most from those on the sidelines chats.

This all happens at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in the heart of London. We want you to be there, but to be sure of a place, we suggest you buy your ticket now. ®

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