Netregistry, TPP Wholesale on the rack over DNS TITSUP

Sysadmins furious at unscheduled snow-day, worry about Easter availability

Updated: Back online Netregistry and TPP Wholesale have lost six DNS servers between them, causing plenty of angst and anger on Australia's corner of the Internet.

The TITSUP (Total Inability to Support Usual Performance) arose around 10:30am Eastern Standard Time. Netregistry posted a status update saying the DNS outage also took down its console, cPanel, cloud hosting, and mail platforms.

The status page is here, but access to it is intermittent. While the business's Website survived for a while, at the time of writing, had joined (where the three nameservers are) and reseller in the black hole.

A poster at this Whirlpool thread said there was no ETA at 11am, which agrees with the status page.

The company's only other public statements to date are on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, users aren't impressed.

Update: At 12:28pm, Netregisty Tweeted that service has been restored:


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