Oracle gets to Wercker, dines on container biz

Larry goes Dutch on Docker support

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Oracle has acquired Dutch developer support house Wercker to beef up its offerings for container management.

Wercker, based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, specializes in Docker and Kubernetes management tools for developers to quickly create and manage containers to test code.

"Wercker's Docker-based platform has a strong, rapidly growing user base as companies, large and small, transition to container-based workloads," Wercker founder and CEO Micha Hernández van Leuffen wrote in a post announcing the move.

"Developers will now have access to a strong Docker-based portfolio as part of Oracle PaaS and IaaS."

For Oracle, the addition of Wercker will allow it to tie the management and automation features into its hosted Docker offerings on the Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS services, two products Oracle is betting big on for its long-term future.

This, Oracle hopes, will help make its Cloud services more popular with developers.

"Wercker greatly enhances the Oracle portfolio with a compelling Docker-based automation product and will accelerate the productivity of developers, across the entire spectrum, from the enterprise to the open source community," said Oracle VP of product development Mark Cavage.

Wercker, meanwhile, is pitching the move to its customers under the tried and true "access to resources" angle, arguing it will be able to improve its existing services (including a free community edition of the product), which he vowed will not be going anywhere in the near-term. Oracle also says it plans to continue to support GitHub and BitBucket account integration with Wercker.

"Joining forces with Oracle means we have aligned with a hyperscale cloud provider that will enable us to bring our vision of Docker-based developer lifecycle management to a broader range of customers and applications, while increasing the pace of innovation for our existing customers," said Hernández van Leuffen.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. ®


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