Speaking in Tech: Google vs your privacy... part 73(4)iii(b)

Plus: $120 million in VC funding for a $400 juicer


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Google just can’t avoid privacy fights whether its fighting legal requests for emails or fending off criticism from the Electronic Freedom Foundation. This week, Greg, Ed, Melissa and Peter are joined this week by John Rakowski, Director of Product Marketing for Application Performance Management and analytics at AppDynamics to discuss privacy issues, the new Galaxy S8, Docker branding and valley juicers.

The details…

  • (0:00) Application performance and AppDynamics
  • (2:52) The new Samsung Galaxy S8 review: the good, the bad and the return
  • (12:27) Judge tells Google to turn over emails
  • (18:36) EFF slams Google over student privacy
  • (26:32) Infosec company caught using real hospital IT in product demos
  • (29:31) Huh? Docker renames container project as “Moby”
  • (35:35) Valley of the dulls: $120m in VC funding for a $400 Juicer
  • (39:30) Juice drones and UberEats

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