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M6 crowned crappiest motorway for 4G signal

Now to find out if it has fewer crashes...

The M6 is officially the UK's worst motorway for 4G coverage.

Global Wireless Solutions clocked up almost a million data points to find a winner and loser. On average Britain’s linear car parks, er, motorways only maintain an LTE signal 62 per cent of the time. But the M6, originally built for ferrying northerners to Cup finals, fared the worst.

Coverage on the M6 ranged from 19 per cent to 75 per cent depending on the operator. But the numbers vary, as you can see:

Average time spent on 4G on a motorway ranged from 30 per cent to 84 per cent

The testing was carried out by Global Wireless Solutions using their diagnostic app running on iPhone 6s devices, and the Rohde & Schwarz SwissQual QualiPoc Freerider running on Samsung S6 devices on the four major networks.

Better LTE coverage would increase data downloads for drivers stuck in a Smart Traffic Jam™. ®

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