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It's paydaygeddon! NatWest account transfers 'disappearing' (not really)

Thousands left terrified worrying about limiting their beer intake this month

There's drama aplenty for NatWest customers this morning as account transfers are “disappearing” according to aggrieved customers.

Here in Blighty it's a pleasant payday Friday morning, and the fine folk of this country are paying their rent and counting the pennies in preparation for their monthly evening of expensive debauchery—except those fine folk banking with NatWest.

Since the wee hours customers have been complaining that account transfers they've issued online show money departing their accounts but not arriving in any others – with complaints that credit is "disappearing" – although NatWest has assured them that the transactions are just taking a while to process.

As ever, the Twitterati have been tweeting away, and our heartfelt condolences are extended both to those affected and to the poor kid staffing the Twitter account:

Fortunately, the money is not truly "disappearing", according to NatWest, but rather things are running slowly. An RBS spokesperson told The Register: “We are aware that some customers are currently experiencing issues with our mobile app and online banking running slowly. Some customers are also seeing issues completing transfers on accounts. We are working hard to resolve this and apologise for the inconvenience caused." ®


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