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How would you pronounce 'Cyxtera'?

We're asking because that's what CenturyLink's former data centres are called now

How would you pronounce 'Cyxtera'?

Chiz-terra? Psychs-terra? Kicks-terra? Size-terra? Or perhaps “A million bucks of brand consultancy buys surprisingly little”? Okay, that last one's a bit long-winded.

We're asking because that's the new name for the combined entity that private equiteers BC Partners and Medina Capita have assembled after buying some of CenturyLink's data centres and glomming them together with Medina's existing security and data analytics companies.

The resulting company, headquartered in Florida, can therefore house your workloads, secure the networks they connect to with Cryptzone's products, segment hybrid networks with Catbird, detect fraud with code from Easy Solutions and trawl through millions of documents with Brainspace. The last four companies mentioned are all Medina's children.

The Cyxtera schtick is not just to give you a place to run a server, but to integrate all the aforementioned products into a “truly integrated platform for today’s hybrid IT”, as CEO Manuel Medina puts it in his Hi! I'm the CEO of this new thing! blog post.

Cyxtera has 66 data centre locations and that's a footprint to rival any other operator, which can't hurt its prospects. The security integration plan? Hmmm … that one's a bit trickier, as The Register can't think of many successful such integrations.

And of course there's the matter of what to call the company.

We're told “Cyxtera” is pronounced “Six-terra”. Those branding consultants sure know how to earn a quid. ®

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