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Phil Collins and supergroup exposed as cloud investors

There's something cloudy in the air tonight. Oh Lord

Against all odds, middle-of-the-road rocker Phil Collins – along with ex-Genesis pals – are some of the unlikely backers behind UKCloud.

World number one misery guts – and tennis star – Andy Murray and retired player Timmy the tiger Henman have also decided to crash into the net and have invested in the firm.

Serving UKCloud's latest venture, UKCloud Health, in a video this week, Murray said: "Off the court I've invested in a number of early startups in the UK based in health and technology."

In his signature dour monotone, Murray said he was "very happy and passionate" about the digital transformation of health.

Collins obviously took the promise of the cloud at face value when he purchased shares in the UK public sector-focused biz via his company Philip Collins Limited Directors Pension Scheme. Oh Lord.

Fellow watchers of the skies and founding members of Genesis, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, have decided to play follow-you follow-me and separately invested in the outfit.

Nick Mason, the drummer from prog rock group Pink Floyd, presumably also intends to grab the cash with both hands and make a stash via his investment.

No doubt UKCloud hopes all of this will amount to another brick in the wall against the cloudy threat posed by Microsoft and AWS opening renting data centres in Blighty.

Mason has done other investments with the firm's founder Jeff Thomas.

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