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Plutus Payroll finally pays up ... but pays people TOO MUCH!

Contractors weren't paid for weeks, now some have been paid four times

Beleaguered Plutus Payroll has a new mess on its hands: after a fortnight during which its customers went without pay, some have now been paid too much.

The company took to Facebook to say that “Owing to the unusual nature of the transactions, we are aware that the Commonwealth Bank, in processing these payments, has accidently [sic] paid some contractors more than they were entitled to.”

The Register understands that some contractors have been paid four times. Others report that payments Plutus makes for things like leased vehicles have gone awry. Others say their wages are yet to be passed along by employment agencies.

Plutus' post tells overpaid contractors”It would be appreciated if you could keep the overpaid amount in your account as you may find it gets reversed in the near future.” Which is wise counsel as banks tend to be rather unsentimental about these things.

Plutus puts the blame for the overpayments on the Commonwealth Bank. But in The Register's experience, banks tend to do exactly what they're told. We therefore suspect that when Plutus hit Go on its delayed pay runs, the instructions were somehow awry.

Those overpaid in this mess are encouraged to call Plutus, which says its own people are back on deck and ready to take calls. ®

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