Vegemite tries to hijack Qantas name-our-planes competition

He just smiled and gave me... er, a copy of the Ts and Cs

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Qantas Boeing 737-838, VH-VZR
Here is a Qantas airliner that is neither an A380 nor even made by Airbus. It's not Vegemite, either, in case of doubt

Vegemite is trying to hijack Australian airline Qantas's public competition to name its new airliners.

The continent-sized country's flag-carrying airline is, rather stupidly, allowing the great unwashed to name its eight new Airbus A380s.

"We want their names to reflect the true Spirit of Australia," gushes the Name The Dreamliner page on their website.

Unfortunately for the airline, the yeasty spread company decided it fancied a slice of the action:

The tweet calls for Aussies to vote for Vegemite as the name of one of Qantas's new aircraft – to a rather lukewarm reception from the Great Australian Public.

One got into the spirit of the thing, replying: "Yes Vege McVegeface has been taken." Another pointed out the competition's terms and conditions:

We suppose it's a slow day in marketing land Down Under.

Back in April Qantas hit Reg headlines for knocking AU$4,000 off the price of a Mac Pro through its frequent flyer shop. Though later withdrawn as a "pricing error", Qantas did offer its disappointed self-loading freight a 20 per cent discount coupon on the full price. ®

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