AppDynamics pondering 'business-aware infrastructure'

Customers fleeing your e-store before buying? Your data centre should know how to respond

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AppDynamics is considering the wonderful world of policy-driven infrastructure automation, so that your data centre can respond when your applications deliver a less-than-stellar customer experience.

Cisco acquired AppDynamics for US$3.7bn in January 2017 because it liked the company's ability to sniff applications while they run in order to pinpoint how their performance impacts a business. That ability is valuable now that businesses of all sizes rely on their online presences to sell stuff and a slow server or clunky code can be the difference between customers typing in their credit card numbers or fleeing in frustration.

Knowing you've got a problem is nice, but if the response is waking up developers or ops people to fix something there's every chance the problem will linger. Faster responses need policy-driven automation and that's where AppDynamics wants to go.

Bhaskar Sunkara, the company's co-founder, CTO and senior veep of product today told The Register the question he hopes to address is “how to make infrastructure aware of the business” so that if organisations can see a high rate of shopping cart abandonment, infrastructure can respond.

Sunkara entertained a scenario in which an airline's web site could throw extra resources at frequent flyers to give them the experience such profitable people deserve, rather than letting them struggle along on the same infrastructure as folks booking cheap holiday flights.

“How does infrastructure discriminate” Sunkara asked.

Cisco promised to run AppDynamics as a discrete company and that's happened, Sunkara said. But the two are also collaborating and talks have begun about the kind of infrastructure automation outlined above. Those talks seem quite advanced: AppDynamics told The Reg the two companies may have something to discuss in coming weeks.®


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