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WannaLaugh? Funsters port WannaCrypt to Commodore, Cisco, Nintendo and Tesla

Some folk have Photoshop and too much time on their hands

The WannaCrypt ransomware is yet another reminder, if any were needed, that the networks and machines on which society is now so reliant are laughably insecure.

“Laughably” being the key word, after your correspondent somehow found himself in a Tweet-storm in which a series of very fine visual WannaCrypt jokes appeared.

This story started when I spotted, and re-Tweeted, this effort.

Doing so saw this Tweet brought to my attention.

In the Tweet-storm that followed it was suggested that the graphic above was – ahem – digitally altered. Which I'm absolutely sure can't be said of this Commodore 64 screen. Because Windows malware can port itself into C64 assembly pretty easily, right? And to whatever a Game Boy runs, too?

The malware's malleability was confirmed by this shot of WannaCrypt on a second Game Boy variant.

After a while, something plausible appeared: I've long worried that phones capable of running apps would eventually be exploited for evil. And lo, for it has come to pass on this Cisco IP handset.

But the most terrifying of the lot is surely this malware-infected Tesla.

Sure, it's Photoshop fakery. But I for one don't want to be on the roads if it ever becomes reality. ®

Bootnote: Yup, maybe not our most original work. But we figure those of you reading on this double Bank Holiday - Spring Bank Holiday in the UK and Memorial Day in the USA - deserved something amusing. If you know of even more chucklesome WannaCrypt gags, hit the comments or write to me.

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