Edinburgh Uni email snafu tells students they won't be graduating

Er, sorry, ignore that, say red-faced admins

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Edinburgh University in Scotland has insisted a "system error" caused this year's graduands to be told by email that they wouldn't be receiving their degrees after all.

The cockup caused a number of students to receive emails telling them that, contrary to their expectations after three or four years of sex, booze and drugs dedicated academic work, they would not be graduating because they hadn't achieved enough academic credits to qualify for their degrees.

Part of the email said: "You recently registered to attend a graduation ceremony this summer. However, we are now advised that you are not expected to complete your studies until later in the year, and therefore we presume that you may be eligible to attend the next available graduation ceremony."

The university has issued statements and also took to Twitter advising students who received the emails to ignore them, confirming that everyone who should be graduating this summer will be doing so as normal.

"There was no breach of our systems and no student data was compromised," a university spokesman told the BBC. "The university has written to all students affected to reassure them that their graduations have not been cancelled and asking them to ignore the emails."

One student commented on Twitter that the email, sent in the early hours of this morning, had caused her "massive anxiety and distress". ®


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