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Oil and lube firm offers to ease pains of frustrated office workers

Emo Oil targets overheated marketeers and frigid FM specialists alike

If you're worried that your fellow office workers' productivity is being compromised because they're boiling over with "frustration", Northern Ireland's Emo Oil is promising to relieve their plight with its selection of oils and lubricants.

The firm has laid bare the extent of the problem in UK workplaces, with research among 1,371 adults showing that information and communications specialists and marketing types are grappling with excessively steamy work environments, leading to high levels of frustration.

Conversely, construction, oil and utilities, and facilities management had the most frigid environments, leading to equally troublesome levels of frustration.

The consequences are legion, with some workers being forced to work at home, while others have soldiered on, hauling fans, hot water bottles and blankets into the office just to help them through the day.

As a result, Emo Oil is attempting to step into the gap, by alerting beleaguered office workers – and their managers – to its extensive range of oils and lubricants, ranging from products recommended for lighter domestic use to full-on industrial and agricultural varieties. It is also flagging up its boiler maintenance service.

Clearly someone has to take the problem in hand, given that according to the fuel company's research, "differences over office temperature [is] the aspect of their working environment that causes the most frustration in the workplace".

In fact, it seems no one is happy. A whacking 57 per cent of the UK's working population believe their office is just too darned tropical, while 43 per cent state theirs is too wintry for working conditions. Just under two-thirds say that the temperature affects their productivity in the working day. ®

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