What a tit! Uber CEO hijacks his staff breast-pump room to meditate

Just close your eyes, be at peace, and visualize Waymo's lawyers kicking your ass

Uber boss Travis Kalanick is once again making headlines – this time for taking over a designated employee lactation room to use for meditation.

This is according to Uber board member Arianna Huffington, who said during a telly interview that the ride-sharing startup's bro-in-chief has been using the mindfulness sessions as part of a plan to grow up and change Uber's toxic internal culture.

Fortunately, as Huffington tells it, Kalanick didn't have to boot any parents from the private breast-pumping room, which was empty at the time.

"And literally [he] went into a lactation room that happened to be open, because they don't have meditation rooms yet," Huffington said. "This is part of the change coming."

Kalanick has much to meditate. It comes as Uber is looking to fill at least 20 positions that opened up yesterday when it fired those workers who were implicated by an internal review into sexual harassment claims.

Meanwhile, the app maker got some bad news in its court battle with Waymo after a California judge ordered Uber to surrender documents related to Uber's acquisition of Anthony Levandowski and his startup Ottomotto.

Waymo has accused Uber and Levandowski (who has since been fired) of conspiring to steal the key technology to Waymo's self-driving car project. Levandowski previously worked at Waymo, then left to form Ottomotto, which was swallowed by Uber, allegedly passing Waymo's secret blueprints to his new employers.

The documents Uber must now surrender – intelligence reports the startup's execs wrote when they were considering the Ottomotto acquisition – could help shed light on just how much Uber knew in regards to Levandowski's alleged theft of Waymo documents and plans before they bought the engineering exec's company and brought him in to lead Uber's self-driving project.

And finally, for today, a senior Uber executive has reportedly left the San Francisco upstart after he obtained medical records of a woman who was raped during a ride in India. What a wonderful place, eh readers? ®

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