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Situation normal, blurts T-Mobile, while network continues to crap itself

Someone should inform the marketing team

Word of T-Mobile US outages has reached customers, social media, support representatives and The Register – just not the network's marketing team.

A T-Mobile spokesperson told The Register in an email at 13:30 BST on 12 June that "all is operating normally". But El Reg spoke with two support staff who confirmed that there are ongoing outages throughout America.

Downdetector reports that T-Mobile has been experiencing network issues since 02:42 EDT.

One customer care representative said at 13:26 BST that the outages affect domestic text, data and voice services as well as international roaming. She said she began receiving calls from customers around 04:00 PST and there is no ETA for when services will be restored. Engineering was investigating the issue, she said.

One customer provided The Register with an email from T-Mobile that states that since 03:30 EDT this morning, there has been a nationwide "degradation" of voice and data services "due to an equipment impairment on serving gateway ORCAT01/02. Services impacted include prepaid voice/data, and provisioning, international roaming, and text messaging."

T-Mobile customer Kelly Long, in Florida, says she has not had any problems with her T-Mobile service, but her 20-year-old daughter, who is traveling abroad in Berlin, Germany, has been receiving text messages out of order and is unable to use data.

"T-Mobile never notifies the customer when there's an issue," she says. After navigating through technical support, she says she was eventually told there was a US outage.

T-Mobile US has not provided The Register with an updated statement.

It's worth mentioning, of course, that this wouldn't be the first time an outage has happened to T-Mobile. The network suffered a nationwide borking of data services in September, as Fortune reports. ®

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