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Banking websites are 'littered with trackers' ogling your credit risk

Lenders already know whether to approve before you apply

A new study has warned that third-party trackers litter banking websites and the privacy-invading tech is being used to rate surfers' creditworthiness.

Among the top 10 financial institution websites visited in the US and UK, there are 110 third-party trackers snooping on surfers each time they visit.

Online privacy firm eBlocker reports that PNC Bank has roughly 33 trackers, making it the biggest snoop.

By comparison, HSBC had only two and JPMorgan Chase had nine. Other figures include TD Bank (20), BNY Mellon (14), US Bank (9), Bank of America (6), Citibank (6), Capital One (6) and Wells Fargo (5).

"By allowing third-party trackers to access our financial data, we're letting banks and lenders make the decision to approve or disapprove loans or credit applications before we even request or apply for one," eBlocker reports.

eBlocker markets a consumer-focused device that claims to thwart third-party trackers, blocks ads and hides the IP address on all smart devices. ®

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