Samsung releases 49-inch desktop monitor with 32:9 aspect ratio

Imagine the spreadsheet you could view on a four-foot-wide 3840 x 1080 beast

The Register doesn't spare a glance for news of monitors but we made an exception when we learned of Samsung's new CHG90.

The reason? It's a bit outrageous. As the shot above (or here for m.reg readers) shows, the monitor is rather wide and curved. Samsung rates it at 49 inches. But the aspect ratio is where it gets weird: most monitors these days are 16:9 to deliver HD images at 1920 x 1080. The CHG90 is 32:9 and 3840 x 1080.

Samsung's specs don't say how much it weighs, but Amazon says it tips the scales at 45 pounds and measures 47.4 x 15 x 20.7 inches.

Samsung has built the monitor for gamers, as apparently they'll enjoy the immersive experience it offers.

The Register can imagine businesses will find plenty of uses for it too. For starters, one big screen with one electricity cable will mean tidier desks for multi-monitor users. Serious spreadsheet jockeys may also be interested, as 3840 x 1080 will allow you to keep a whole lot of columns on-screen. The US$1,499 price tag will also be easier for business to swallow, more so when you consider the GPU needed to make the monitor look its best.

Samsung's also made 27-inch and 31.5-inch models using the same “QLED quantum dot technology [that] supports both approximately 125 percent of the sRGB color spectrum and 95 percent of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI-P3) motion picture standard to deliver an exceptionally wide color range.”

Just in case we haven't shoe-horned in sufficient justification for running this as a Reg story, Samsung says it reckons the monitors will mean game developers can be confident their work will get the visual representation it deserves. And who would cross a developer? ®

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