Amazon squares up to Walmart over boycott calls: Talk sh!t, get hit

'Tactics like this are bad for business and customers'

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The fight between Bezos' poster child and Walmart just got real – Amazon has officially called out the groceries juggernaut for petty schoolyard tactics.

Earlier this week, Walmart made waves by advising its tech vendors to use anything except Amazon Web Services. In a statement, Walmart admitted its call for boycotts was because the giant didn't want its "most sensitive data" in the claws of a competitor.

Amazon has been moving into Walmart's turf with more food delivery options as well as its recent Whole Foods acquisition. Walmart also purchased an online clothing market company, Bonobos, earlier this month – so it's not just Amazon exploring new parts of the playground.

In a statement, Amazon said: "We've heard that Walmart continues to try to bully their suppliers into not using AWS because they have an incorrect view that AWS is somehow supporting Amazon's retail business.

"Plenty of suppliers are standing up to Walmart and refusing to be told that they can't use the leading infrastructure technology platform (AWS). Tactics like this are bad for business and customers and rarely carry the day."

Your move, Walmart. ®


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