Emirates and Turkish Airlines lift laptop ban on US-bound flights

Passengers can bring electronic devices onboard from today

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Two Middle Eastern airlines have lifted the ban on in-cabin laptops on flights to the US.

The ban, imposed in March over fears that terrorists could smuggle bombs disguised as laptops on aeroplanes, has been scrapped with immediate effect on Emirates and Turkish Airlines flights.

Passengers were asked to leave devices larger than a smartphone at home or in the hold on flights to the US from 10 airports in Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates.

The US lifted the ban for Etihad Airways flights from Abu Dhabi on Sunday, and both Emirates and Turkish Airlines have now said passengers can bring all personal electronic devices on board.

Last month, the US imposed stricter security measures – including more sniffer dogs, increased use of advanced scanning technology and tighter security protocols around aircraft – for everyone flying into the States. ®


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