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Virgin Media biz service goes TITSUP* across London

Borough councils hit due to a 'fibre break'

A London-wide Virgin Media outage caused by a "fibre break" has left business customers across the UK capital without broadband - including a number of borough councils.

Bromley Council apologised for its phones and online systems being out of action, blaming the "London wide technical issue" caused by the outage.

Virgin Media confirmed the outage was affecting a number of local government bodies.

A spokesman said: “We’re aware of a fibre break which has caused a temporary loss of services for some of our business customers in London, including Borough Councils.

"We’ve identified the problem, engineers are on site and we’re working as quickly as possible to restore services. We apologise to those affected.”

Virgin has had a rough time of late, having recently admitting it "fell short" in broadband speeds following a lashing from BBC's Watchdog.

The report found that customers in some areas receive 3 per cent of the 200Mbps speed they were originally sold.

Virgin Media is also in the process of making 226 staff redundant. Insiders have claimed the redundancies were due to the UK ISP exaggerating the number of its superfast broadband Lightning connections. ®

* Troubled Instagram! Text Somebody Urgently Please


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