Global Switch suffers uptime blips at London Docklands DC

Are you affected? You know who to tell...

Irritated customers of data centre operators Global Switch are complaining about repeated power outages at the firm’s London Docklands data centre.

Sources tell The Register that the Global Switch 2 data centre has had an outage twice in two weeks, something which appears to be borne out by reports from other news sites.

Global Switch customer EX Networks posted an incident report about an outage from last week on its website, revealing that the 10 July power outage was isolated to the 10th floor of Global Switch’s Docklands DC and that the outage lasted around six minutes.

“We are still waiting for an official statement from Global Switch,” said EX Networks’ penultimate update. The final update closed the incident, without any statement from the company.

Global Switch’s decision to let Chinese investors buy a 49 per cent stake in the firm during December 2016 cost it one of its biggest Australian customers, the Aussie Ministry of Defence, last month. Pulling sensitive defence data out of the hands of the Chinese is costing the country’s government AU$200m over the next three years.

Last month the firm also issued $1bn in bonds, along with announcing plans to expand into Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore.

We have asked Global Switch to explain the London outages and will update this article if we hear back from them. In the meantime, if you’re a Global Switch customer and want to talk, get in touch in the comments below or by clicking the author's name at the top and sending us an email. ®

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