Volterman 'super wallet': The worst crowdsource video pitch of all time?

The cringe is strong with this one

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Do you need a "smart" wallet with a built in front-facing camera and GPS? Of course you don't. Not even with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot? Well, enough people do to make a success of an Indiegogo project promising just that.

The Volterman "smart wallet" has smashed its target of a relatively meagre $45,000 by 1,145 per cent, taking the total pledged to $515,314 at the time of writing, and with 12 days left. So it's going happen.

But is it happening because of, or in spite of, the superb video that accompanies it? We'll let you be the judge of that.

It's not just award worthy – but possibly an entirely new art form in its own right. Enjoy. And please, please watch to the end.

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