Bone-up on machine learning and AI and enjoy your hols

Waste money in the airport, or save money with us...your choice

If you want to get on top of machine learning and learn how AI is leaping from the lab to the world of businesses, you could buy "something" for Dummies at the airport en route to the beach...

Or you could save a few hundred quid by buying an early bird ticket for MCubed, our three day exploration of ML and AI in business, in October. They're only around for another week.

We’ll be examining AI, ML and data analytics from a practical, business-oriented perspective, with speakers from companies like Asos, Microsoft, and Ocado covering both the basic building blocks and their application in the world of business. They’ll be joined by engineers, consultants and academics who are using the technology to tackle thorny problems in areas from architecture to exotic matter research to autonomous vehicles.

If you want to dive even deeper, you can sign up for one of our optional day three workshops. If you’re a JavaScript veteran looking to get into machine learning without having to learn a whole new language, you’ll want to sign up for Expero Inc’s Steve Purves’ session, which will teach you just that.

Alternatively, if you're looking to use ML to tune relevancy in search to ensure your customers and users get better results, SHI’s Daniel Wrigley will teach you to do just that.

Whether you’re just starting down this path or looking to ramp up your ML operations, there will be sessions that hit the spot. And we can guarantee there’ll be someone else facing the same problems as you. That’s why we ensure you are well supplied with top end food and drink to lubricate those all important conversations between you, your fellow attendees, the speakers and of course us - particularly at the first night drinks party on site.

So, to save a few hundred check out our early bird ticket prices at the website now. ®

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