The drinks are on Juniper: Revenue and profits up in Q2 2017

It woz the switches and the cloud wot done it – sales of both soared

Juniper Networks has turned in a solid second quarter, reporting growth in revenue and profitability.

Today the company reported revenue of US$1.3bn (all figures here are GAAP), and net income of $179.8m, better than Q2 2016 by a more-than-handy 28 percent.

Switching was the company's engine room for Q2, piling on 32 per cent year-on-year growth ($276 million) to offset a completely flat routing segment ($572 million).

Services added 9 per cent year-on-year to hit $392 million, but security shed 12 percent year-on-year ($69 million).

Cloud sales are booming, the company reports, piling on 32 per cent year-on-year to reach $380 million – a good thing indeed, since the telco vertical slipped by two per cent to $562 million. Telcos, particularly in the cable business, are buying fewer routers, Juniper explains in its CFO commentary.

The Strategic Enterprise business added one per cent year-on-year at $367m.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa is the most depressed geography, falling four points year-on-year to $288 million, the Americas added 11 per cent to $801 million, and the Asia Pacific grew nine percent to $220 million.

Last week, the company announced it had lifted Google's head of network architecture, engineering and planning, Bikash Koley, to fill the role of CTO.

Koley's software-defined networks specialty is a good fit for the Gin Palace, with useful sub-majors in packet-optical networking and large-scale data centre integration. ®

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