The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

Forget Brexit, lets use grease and dead things to heal a gaping political chasm

A turf war has broken out among the scribes at Vulture Towers North over the fried delicacies that should and should not be included in the world famous Full English gut buster Breakfast.

Based as El Reg is, in deepest hipster central - East London - we've witnessed people starting their day in local coffee shops, consuming godforsaken nasties such as quinoa and fruit-based yoghurts or avocado smash.

The folk here in our office, a mix of southerners, northerners and one person from the Midlands - looking at you Kat Hall - all have their own take on the best components that comprise the Full English.

Furious debate at The Reg has considered the types of bacon that should be included - rashers or back - the bangers, whether white or black pudding has a role to play, or if baked beans, mushrooms and fried tomato hit the spot.

A big bone of contention was the type of cooked egg that should grace a fry-up - should it be fried or scrambled? Hard or soft yolk? And should the classic brekkie be splashed with tommy or brown sauce?

What about the tea?

As is typical in these situations, our journos want to use our greatest resource - the readership - to help answer the questions that have divided the office.

Forget Brexit. Forget the things that set us apart. Let's come together and unite the British nation by selecting the fried things that deserve to sit alongside each other on the ultimate plate of greasy tuck.

We'll will bring you the results next week, unless someone else collates them before us, in which case, we'll bring the results to you via them. Clear? Good. ®

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