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Speaking in Tech: The net neutrality hearing? I'm, uh, washing my hair

Plus, Black Hat, Meg quitting, Uber damage control, tech TV shows


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This week, Ed and Melissa are joined by Lauren Malhoit, co-host of TechWiseTV. Together they dive into Black Hat phone prep, Meg Whitman's departure from HP Inc, net neutrality and Russian robots that swipe right or kill you.

The details...

  • (0:00) Lauren puts Greg in the Trunk
  • (3:50) Eddie just likes to name drop
  • (7:30) Phone prep for Black Hat
  • (12:00) Amazon Landscaping Services
  • (14:28) Giving HP Inc the bye Felicia
  • (17:43) Psycho hiring and making large decisions
  • (21:24) Pouring one out for the iPod
  • (22:43) How tech giants show they don't care
  • (28:43) Russian robots that kill you if they don't like you
  • (29:52) How to put on a tech TV show
  • (35:50) Normal?
  • (48:10) Fitbit: Narcing you out
  • (49:12) Stalking Lauren

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

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