Cardiff did Nazi that coming: Hackers slap Trump, swastikas, Sharia law on e-sign

Wait, Wales has digital billboards now?

Shoppers in Cardiff got an eyeful this week when mystery hackers took control of an electronic billboard overlooking the main shopping street and broadcasted a string of images, including Nazi swastikas.

The billboard, on Queen Street in the Welsh capital, began displaying pictures of the Nazi symbol, and a sign declaring: "Warning. This is a Sharia controlled zone. No alcohol. No gambling. No porn." Anyone who has been in Cardiff on a Saturday night knows this Sharia statement is a non-starter.

Other pictures included the Big Brother sign from the film 1984 and Pepe the Frog memes, including the alt-reich symbol dressed as a wizard and as President Trump. 4chan /pol/ denizens were amused...

"On Tuesday evening South Wales Police received a number of calls relating to concerns regarding messages being displayed on the screens in Queen Street, Cardiff," the coppers told Wales Today. "We alerted the city council and will investigate any crimes which may have been committed."

It's fairly obvious that some kind of hacking crime has been committed – either that or the billboard's owners blowUP Media have some very unusual clients. The local council has said it is investigating the matter. ®

PS: No, Wales is not an imaginary place nor an ocean theme park nor a suburb of London. It's part of the UK.

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