Foot-long £1 sausage roll arrives

You can keep your artichoke and pineapple artisan pork pastries

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Hungry punters fed up with over-priced, under-sized artisan sausage rolls will be pleased to hear a foot-long (30.48cm) meat feast has now arrived costing, um, £1.

Even poncey Southerns will be able to get their hands on the snack. Everybody who enjoys eating like they have a death wish can head to their nearest Morrisons as of this week for a mega porky treat.

According to the supermarket's press blurb, the puff pastry encased porcine mince "treat" weighs in at nearly half a kilogram, and is double the standard length.

Given the, er, reasonable price tag, it's probably fair to assume this isn't made of the finest pork cutlets.

The grocer said it is unveiling its massive sausage roll to coincide with the footie season.

"It could be enjoyed as part of a picnic, shared with the family, or eaten by customers with big appetites," it said.

Just don't tell the Yanks. ®


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