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Sweet Christmas: Micron more than triples SSD capacity with 9200

Ships data around faster too

Micron is majorly bigging up its NVMe SSD capacity from 3.2TB in its 9100 to 11TB in a new 9200 drive, and making them shift data a lot faster as well.

The 9200 comes in Eco, Pro and Max models, topping out at 11TB in the Eco version.

The Eco is read-optimised, the Pro is for mixed read/write use, while the Max is write-optimised. The 9200s use Micron's 3D NAND flash.

U.2 and HHHL formats are provided and the outline performance specs are:

9200 Model Capacity R' Read IOPS R' Write IOPS Seq Read Seq Write
ECO 8TB, 11TB U.2 800,000 HHHL – 1,000,000 95,000-110,000 U.2 – 2.7-3.35GB/s HHHL – 4.6GB/s U2 – 2.4GB/s HHHL – 3.8GB/s
PRO 1.92TB, 3.2TB, 7.68TB U2 – 620K-800K HHHL – 620K–1m 130,000-170,000 U.2 – 2.7-3.35GB/s HHHL 2.7-4.6GB/s U2 – 2.1-2.4GB/s HHHL – 2.1-3.8GB/s
MAX 1.6TB, 3.84TB, 6.4TB U2 – 620K-800K HHHL – 620K-1m 255,000-270,000 U.2 – 2.7-3.35GB/s HHHL 2.7-4.6GB/s U2 – 2.1-2.4GB/s HHHL – 2.1-3.8GB/s

The interface is NVMe PCIe Gen 3 x4 for U.2 and x8 for HHHL, and the endurance numbers, in total bytes written terms, are;

  • Eco 1.4 – 15.7 PB TBW
  • Pro 3.5 – 13.7PB TBW
  • Max 8.6 – 34.7PB TBW

Compared to the 9100 there has been a significant maximum capacity jump, from 3.2TB to 11TB, and major speed boosts:

  • Max random read IOPS – 9100's 750K goes up to 9200's 1 million
  • Max random write IOPS – 9100's 160K goes up to 9200's 270K
  • Max sequential read – 9100's 3GB/sec goes up to 9200's 4.6GB/sec
  • Max sequential write – 9100's 2GB/sec goes up to 9200's 3.8GB/sec

Micron 9200

The 9200 has a FlexPro capability, which Micron says enables customers to tune capacity and write performance by drive, application and workload, allowing them to be as flexible as possible when it comes to analysing and processing large data sets.

It looks like a straightforward and meaningful product development. Stick the high-capacity 9200s in Micron's SolidScale array and its original 2U x 24-slot chassis x 3.2TB 9100 SSD raw capacity of 76.8TB shoots up more than three times to 264TB. Sweet. To add extra honey, we can expect the performance of the array to get boosted as well.

Get access to the Micron 9200 parts catalogue here. ®


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