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Your top five dreadful people the Google manifesto has pulled out of the woodwork

'Bad human being' alert

3. Christina Sommers

A member of Washington think-tank The American Enterprise Institute, former philosophy professor and self-described "factual feminist," Christina has used the Damore firing saga to repeatedly reveal herself as a dreadful person.

Just as Weinstein is the embodiment of everything wrong with Silicon Valley VC culture, Sommer does an excellent job flagging herself as everything wrong with Washington white woman culture.

In essence, Christina has a strong opinion about absolutely everything and seems to be a firm believer in approaching every issue by finding someone to aggressively mock.

She has a "feminist" slant on the Damore firing: women should quit moaning and just get up and carry on.

"If the memo upset you, write a tough reply. Don't run away crying," she advised before going on to attack and malign anyone who disagreed with her, the media, Chelsea Handler (on an unrelated race matter) and President Trump.

Ms Sommers is a non-stop stream of mockery and finger waving where everyone is either weak or malicious and all of them are wrong.

Capturing this relentless aggressive posturing, she responded to Google CEO's response by saying: "No sane woman is going to have those worries cause a guy wrote a memo. To suggest otherwise is patronizing."

In just 20 words, she manages to malign men, women who don't agree with her, and any organization or publication that even suggests her approach of having no emotions except anger is unhealthy.

She is, in short, like all awful Twitter users, a scar on the skin of society.

2. Toby Young

Long a resident of the UK's Asshole Index, journalist Toby Young is using the internet to spread his particular brand of revolting rhetoric internationally.

Like a less successful Piers Morgan, Young relishes the opportunity to take any current event and find some take on it that is guaranteed to upset as many people as possible and then revel in the hatred thrown back at him, like a boy in class who masturbates under the desk and hopes someone sees him.

He wrote a book called How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

So what is Toby Young's hot take on the Google firing? He's decided to go the alt-right route of claiming that "the media" is misrepresenting Damore's manifesto.

"The Google ‘anti-diversity’ memo isn’t anything of the sort," he claims in his own blog post on the issue. He then goes on to claim people are misrepresenting the 10-page document while simultaneously misunderstanding the document as some kind of perfectly reasonable discourse.

The firing of Damore was not, according to Young, the result of someone saying something so offensive that female employees threatened to quit and kept some away from work on Monday; no, his firing only "confirmed Damore's point" that it had "become dangerous to challenge the progressive orthodoxy within the company" – Young's words, not Damore's.

Fortunately, because Young is British and not American, he didn't go the well-worn route of claiming the firing was a free speech issue (because it isn't).

Instead, Young chose to seize what people were saying about the memo and then attacked them for what they didn't say. He claims that Damore was only ever pointing out that the average woman was different to the average man and that everyone had failed to noticed this. "Ninety-nine per cent of those who’ve condemned the memo have made this schoolboy error," claims Young.

But of course this is itself complete bunkum. Because as anyone who wasn't writing simply to antagonize people by being contrarian would have noted, Google doesn't just grab women off the street and interview them for software engineering posts.

It's a pretty safe bet that the women being interviewed for specific posts at Google are in fact highly qualified to do those jobs. What is so infuriating about Damore's mindset – and what Google is trying so hard to unravel – is the immediate assumption that because the person going for the job happens to be a woman that they are somehow immediately less capable of doing it.

The reason Young is such a dreadful person and makes this list of dreadful people is because he is also a very intelligent, highly articulate individual who uses his skills to demean and punish people for his own gratification.

He derails discourse and muddies waters and so long as people hate him for it, he'll keep emptying his blood-specked excreta on the page.

1. Guest of Ecuador

Last, and in many senses least, in this list of the top five dreadful people to have emerged from this week's Google saga is Julian Assange.

In case you were wondering, yes, he is still an egomaniacal asshole. ®

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