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Array-pusher Infinidat boasts of sales hike, says it has petabyte-pushin pay pals

Marketing trumpets sounding off

+Comment High-end array startup Infinidat might start attracting acquisitive interest from other suppliers soon.

While it has not provided The Reg with any actual revenue numbers, Infinidat claims its second 2017 quarter saw 250 per cent revenue growth from a year ago and was the second highest revenue quarter in the company’s history, also its most profitable.

We don’t know what accounting measure of profitability Infinidat is using, but doubted it was GAAP net income, thinking it more likely to be an internal measure. The privately owned and startup-stage company is not about to open its books to anyone but investors. In fact, Infinidat told us, it is GAAP net income.

We’re told its customers have more than 2 exabytes of Infinidat storage installed, with chairman and CEO Moshe Yanai telling the world: “Customers added 156 petabytes of capacity in the second quarter alone.”

President Izhar Sharon said: “Petabyte-scale enterprise is by far the fastest growing segment of the data storage industry, and will remain so for the next decade.”

In the first quarter, 25 per cent of sales came from new customers; it was 32 per cent in the second quarter. The firm was reporting 750 per cent year-on-year growth in banking, 220 per cent in cloud, 105 per cent in healthcare, and 207 per cent in telecommunications.

Channel partners will be gratified to hear that over 58 per cent of revenues came through the channel in the quarter – a 2.6X year-over-year increase.

+Reg Comment

There have been regular announcements of Infinidat’s progress - in March 2017, November 2016, August 2016, May 2016, February 2016, November 2015 and July 2015 – all claiming double-digit and sometimes triple-digit year-over-year growth. The starting revenues must have been small, in the low millions perhaps, but must now be heading towards $100m a quarter, with annual revenues probably having exceeded $250m and with $500m in sight.

Infinidat is becoming a storage array force to be reckoned with. How long will it be before other high-end array providers Dell, HDS and HPE and, maybe, NetApp cast covetous eyes over Yanai’s latest storage project? ®

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