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If Anonymous 'pwnd' the Daily Stormer, they did a spectacularly awful job

More likely damage control after host GoDaddy pulled plug

Doubts have been cast over claims that hacktivists have taken control of neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer.

Elements of the loose hacker collective Anonymous supposedly took control of the site as a reprisal for the death of anti-racist protestor Heather Heyer after she was struck by a car during protests by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia. According to the most recent "post" on the site, the hackers were ostensibly threatening to dox the Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin and users of the controversial site.

Anonymous, via a long-established Twitter account, cast doubt on whether hackers were actually behind the action. "This is likely to be the derps from dailystormer engaging in a silly troll to woo their clueless base. If we're proven wrong, so be it," YourAnonNews tweeted.

"And all the old content is left up by a 'UNITED FORCE OF ELITE HACKERS' on a shit post site 'UNDER THE CONTROL OF ANONYMOUS.' Doubtful," it added.

This not a standard defacement. It looks like something posted rather than over-written and other elements of the site – including links to donations – seem to have been left intact.

In short, the hack is likely a hoax.

Current host GoDaddy has given the Daily Stormer 24 hours to find a new hosting company over terms-of-service violations. A disparaging story about Heather Heyer apparently prompted action where years of anti-Semitic vitriol did not. The Daily Stormer may struggle to find another host. ®

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