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The cheek of it! Beach bar owner shoots nude bather in the booty

Gerroff moi land!

A bar owner in southern Corsica stands accused of firing a pellet into the booty of a nudist who refused to cover up during a beach bathing session.

The Italian holidaymaker was relaxing with a bunch of similarly un-attired pals on the Mediterranean island, one of the 18 administrative regions of France, when all were told by the boozemonger to "get dressed or leave", according to local reports.

The verbal warning ignored, the unnamed bar owner pulled out his rifle – likely an air gun – and let rip, allegedly firing shots into the fleeing naked individuals and landing one woman on the backside target.

The beach of Caravaggio is not officially designated as a place to get your kit off but is close to a naturist hotspot where people are free to walk as nature intended.

About 10 people reported the shooting at about 2pm on August 9 but prosecutors did not have enough evidence to keep the bar owner in custody.

The bum deal reminds El Reg of the moment in 1960s Brit flick Carry On Camping when Terry Scott received several shots to the posterior from a farmer who suspected he'd enjoyed some nookie with said farmer's daughter.

It is not yet clear if the victim retreated to her tent to have the metal shot extracted from her cheek. Perhaps she could let us know if all's well that ends well. ®

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