Bizzby balls-up: Handyman app spams customer's details to world+dog

Reuben from Hartlepool, today's your unlucky day

Handyman-finding UK app Bizzby appears to have sent a number of people an unsolicited email containing the full name and address of one of its subscribers.

Bizzby managed to send the details of “Reuben,” including his name and home address, to an as-yet unidentified number of people in its email database.

Bizzby badness. Screenshot via Reg reader Ross

The email sent to an unknown number of users

Reg reader Ross McKillop was one of the people who received Reuben’s full details. He told us: “My only connection to Bizzby is to have registered in the past as potential *customer* of their service, never as a supplier.”

He added: “I have never used Bizzby, and unsubscribed from their marketing over a year ago. The last email I received was marketing in August 2016.”

Others posted their ire at Bizzby on Twitter:

Two years ago, Bizzby claimed to have received $10m in venture capital funding and to have acquired 40,000 users within three months. Techcrunch named its chief exec as one Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio and said the company was based – where else? – in London’s achingly trendy Shoreditch area.

The company was tweeting earlier this afternoon, blaming “an emailing error which has caused some details to be sent to a section of our customers” and apologising for the “inconvenience.”

We have asked Bizzby for comment, as well as the Information Commissioner’s Office, and will update this article if they reply. ®

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