Phisherfolk dangle bait at dot-fish domain

Gill us now

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Netcraft 'net watchers have cast a fly over the lake of generic TLDs, and turned up the first .fish domain dedicated to – wait for it – phishing.

The net-trawling service has previously landed sites on both the .fish and .fishing gTLDs, but has earned the distinction of being the first baited with in-plaice malicious content.

If a user was hooked, they'd get reeled in, redirected, and left to sharks operating an imitation of the French banking collective BRED (but hosted in Vietnam).

Netcraft notes that fishing isn't much of a school on the Internet: there's a sole (their pun, not ours) .fish and .fishing site each in the company's top million.

Although has an anonymous Tucows registration, it cod be that the owner met their own white whale and was compromised to host the badware, Netcraft writes.

The site's been filleted and the malicious content is gone, so hopefully not too many punters shelled out their hard-earned clams after seeing chum in the water. ®


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