CrashPlan crashes out of cloudy consumer backup caper

You've got until October 2018 to bail, or pay business rates

Code42 Software, operator of the Crashplan cloud backup service, has decided it's had enough of providing its services to consumers.

The company, based in Minnesota, US, has not said why other than it's reached a decision to “focus all our efforts on the business and organisation market” and to “shift our business strategy to focus exclusively on enterprise and small business segments”.

The decision means the company “will no longer offer new – or renew – CrashPlan for Home subscriptions, and we will begin to sunset the product over several months.”

Come October 23rd, 2018, the company's consumer service will be no more. That date represents a year from today, plus an extra two months

If you're with the company, you have a few options.

One is to make a few clicks and migrate from the $US6/month, $59.99/year home plan to the $10/device/month plan.

The other is to migrate to rival service Carbonite, which has been anointed as CrashPlan's preferred home backup partner. The two promise swift and easy migration and have even arranged a discount for CrashPlan refugees.

CrashPlan is far from alone in finding the consumer cloud storage market hard – in recent times we've covered LaCie and Seagate closing their Wuala service , Barracuda biting off the CudaDrive and Copy clouds in May 2016 and Quantum collapsing the wave form of its Symform service in June 2016.

LogMeIn also killed its “Cubby” Dropbox clone in 2016.

When clouds temporarily fail or close, Reg readers are quick to offer comments that question why anyone would trust a cloud when they so often seem not to reduce risk. CrashPlan's task is now surely to stop that sentiment infecting its business customers, as having exited one market is hardly a sign of strength. ®

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