Kiwi prankster 'oinks' down cops' radio and sings Old MacDonald

Can someone lend them some direction-finding gear?

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A mystery New Zealander has been hijacking police radio frequencies to sing verses from Old MacDonald Had A Farm and make oinking noises at the Old Bill.

Reportedly operating for months, the unknown Kiwi apparently alternates between singing the pig-focused verse of the children's nursery rhyme, swapping the lyrics for obscenities, oinking, and playing anti-police gangster rap songs down the radio.

New Zealand police currently use analogue radios, meaning anyone with the frequency and a transmitter can get in on the act. reports that the antipodean plod are moving over to digital radios, which generally prevent such comedy outbursts from clogging up comms channels through basic encryption.

Someone who had listened to the naughty pig-fancier told the site: "The oinking was commonplace, and sometimes ran in multiple bursts for minutes, the listener said. 'I've heard him oinking, hard. That's mostly what he does.'"

The listener added: "He oinks, and he plays rap music: 'F... the police, rah rah, rah', rappy-crappy stuff. And he'll actually talk over it ... derogatory stuff towards the cops. Sometimes he'll say little poems."

Whoever the anti-cop broadcaster is, he is apparently located in the Central police district, covering the northern Kapiti Coast, Palmerston North, Norsewood and Feilding, all of which are in the southern half of New Zealand's North Island. The affected areas are not too far away from the Royal New Zealand Air Force station at Ohakea.

Police reportedly said they are "aware" of the prankster, who faces up to a year in prison if caught. One wonders how an old-fashioned analogue transmitter hasn't yet been located through straightforward direction-finding techniques. Perhaps the piggy prat has a point about police practices after all? ®


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