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Tintri havin' it large with all-flash EC6000 boxen

Fills storage tank with full-fat 3D NAND SSDs

Tintri has refreshed its all-flash arrays with a four-model EC6000 series.

EC stands for, we understand, Enterprise Cloud, and the new line goes faster and stores more data than previous hardware, as well as inheriting all the Tintri OS and services updates since the T5000s were launched back in August 2015.

That means predictive analytics and support of cloud backends like AWS and IBM object cloud storage.

Tintri says the massively scalable EC6000 line supports workloads from small departments to company-wide enterprise cloud infrastructures. It uses the latest 3D NAND SSDs. The system can have its capacity upgraded on a per-drive basis, meaning customers don't have to buy fully populated racks. New drives are slotted in their bays with no disruptive effect on operations. Incremental flash capacity can be immediately provisioned for new virtual applications.

Here's the Tintri storage line back in August 2015, with the hybrid disk/flash T800s and all-flash T5000s:

  T820 T850 T880 T5060 T5080
VMs (max) 750 2,000 3,500 2,500 5,000
vDisks (max) 2,250 6,000 10,000 7,500 15,000
Max Raw Capacity 20TB 52TB 78TB 11.5TB 23TB
Max Effective Capacity 23TB 66TB 100TB 36TB 73TB
Dimensions 4U 4U 4U 2U 2U

Here is the equivalent EC6000 range table;

  EC6030 EC6050 EC6070 EC6090
VMs (max) 500 2,500 5,000 7,500
vDisks (max) 1,500 7,500 15,000 15,000
Max Raw Capacity 23TB 92TB 92TB 184TB
Max Effective Capacity 81TB 322TB 322TB 645TB
Dimensions 2U 2U 2U 2U

Tintri says the EC6090 delivers up to 320,000 IOPS by the way.

It says that up to 64 EC6000s can be clustered together, providing up to 40PB of effective capacity, up to 480,000 virtual machines under management through the cluster-wide single-pane-of-glass console, and up to 20 million IOPS.

It wants us to know that as storage nodes are added to the scale-out cluster, there is no need to cable them together, as is the case, it says, with conventional infrastructure. Obviously, though, new nodes have to be cabled to a switch.

A Tintri customer person, Jeff Wilhelm, CTO at Infused Innovations, said he ran the company's heaviest virtualised workloads on the EC6000 and found it ran up to twice as fast as other storage platforms he had tested. We don't know which these were. He said it's Infused Innovations' "chosen platform for enterprise cloud".

A price list we saw says an EC6050 base system with 92TB costs $846,016, an EC6070 with 92TB costs $905,358, and an EC6090 with 184TB is priced at $1,949,181.

The Tintri EC6000 series is available now. Drive-by-drive expansion will be available to all EC6000 customers in calendar Q4. ®

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