Chap tames Slack by piping it into Emacs

And then filtering out all the stuff he doesn't need to read

Emacs enthusiast Artur Malabarba has put the text editor to work taming Slack.

Malabarba likes Slack and feels it's a fine tool for intra-office chat, but also feels that “it’s also a powerful source of distractions.”

But he can't turn it off all day, so decided to “keep the spam in check.”

Doing so proved quite simple. There's already a Slack client for Emacs here on GitHub and Malabarba put it to work alongside “Alerts”, a “Growl-like alerts notifier for Emacs.”

With those two packages running, Malabarba was able to build filters that ensure he's only made aware of Slack happenings that mention him by name or suggest things he really needs to know about, such as “whenever something explodes in the server”.

Chalk up a win then, for old-school text editors over millennial messaging.

For what it's worth, Malabarba's post says the hardest part of getting this done is signing into slack from Emacs. His post also offers some syntax for building filters. ®


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