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If you need to replace anything other than your iPhone 8's battery or display, good luck

And things are looking even worse for the X

iFixit’s teardown of the new iPhone 8 confirms that the screen and battery remain relatively replaceable, despite the addition of Qi-compatible wireless charging coils in the unit.

Overall the site gives the 8 6/10 for repairability… the same score as last year. The iPhone 3GS in 2009 was given a 7/10 and only needed three tools, and one screwdriver. It’s a different story these days.

Externally the 8 looks the same as the 7, and the 6s and 6 before it; the design has not really altered since 2014. Apple has eschewed using its proprietary screws for more common Phillips-style screws internally. The two-most often replaced components – the battery and the display panel – are comparatively easy to access and replace. Just forget about the rest.

Inside you'll find a 1821 mAh cell lithium-ion cell, smaller than last year.

The iPhone X has yet to be dismantled by reviewers. But we can take a rough guess from iFixit's assessment of Samsung's Galaxy S8, which is awarded a mere 4/10.

"Because of the curved screen, replacing the front glass without destroying the display is extremely difficult," the site notes.

Samsung makes the iPhone X's curved display panel, so don't hold your breath.®

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