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Tintri wheels out T1000 ROBO flash array to terminate disk ones

Preconfigured single SKU box to skewer ROBO sales

Skynet's T-1000 is an advanced cyborg assassin prototype with a liquid molecular brain inside a mimetic poly-alloy body. Tintri's T1000 is a storage array for small and medium-sized businesses. Ho hum. Let's talk about the latter.

Low-end flash arrays are busting out all over the place, witness X-IO's ISE 900. The T1000 is Tintri's all-flash array for remote and branch offices (ROBO), smaller VDI deployments and departmental use. It is a channel-only product, preconfigured and orderable as a single SKU.

What customers get is a 2U-24 slot box with 3.1TB of raw storage, implying 24 x 128GB SSDs, which dedupe effectively expands to 10TB, according to Tintri. The box, designed for use in VMware shops, supports 100 virtual machines and 300 VDisks.

There are just two 10GbitE data ports with 2 x 1GBitE management ports. Supported access protocols are NFS and SMB3 and the OS is Tintri OS v4.3.4x or higher.

Bundled data management services include deduplication, snapshots, clones, replication, 256-bit encryption for data at rest and remote management. It's managed through the Tintri Global Center facility and analytics are included in active Tintri maintenance contracts.


Tintri T1000 array

Applications using the array get a specific quality of service level needed for predictable performance. The replication facility can be used to back-up the T1000 to other Tintri or third party storage systems, and to the public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 or IBM's COS, via Tintri Cloud Connector.

Once delivered and cabled on-site it can be installed remotely and then managed centrally (or locally by an IT generalist.)

This system is at the opposite end of the Tintri product scale from its recently launched EC6000.

It is smaller than X-IO's ISE 900 capacity-wise, as that box has a 2U x 64-slot form factor with consequent 145TB raw capacity (60 x 2.4TB SSDs) – way, way more than the T1000's 3.1TB.

The ISE 900 is priced around the $0.60/GB, we understand, and per-effective GB we assume, which is lowish. Tintri hasn't provided a T1000 guide price but it ought to be inexpensive.

The T1000 can be ordered now with remote management software becoming available by the end of the year. ®

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