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Splunk acquires rival Rocana and some of its techies

In 2015 the two were at each other's throats over a blog post. We think we can say who won!

Splunk has announced the acquisition of a rival company named Rocana with which it once fought a bitter blog-fuelled legal battle.

The fun started in 2015 when Rocana published a guest post by journalist David Spark, titled “Rocana vs. Splunk: IT Operations Showdown”.

Splunk took exception to the post, Rocana fought back and The Register penned a story about the spat and the tersely-worded legal letters.

The post has since disappeared, but thankfully not from The Wayback Machine's archive.

Rocana's about to disappear too, and will also live on as what Splunk's described as a fine way to acquire a team "with experience in large scale data systems and open source technologies.”

The transaction was made “with cash from Splunk’s balance sheet”, suggesting the undisclosed sums changing hands weren't enormous. Splunk gets Rocana's “technology and intellectual property assets” and “A number of technical employees” too.

The announcement includes a canned quote from Eric Sammer, Rocana's chief technical officer, to the effect that “Splunk is the most widely adopted machine data and analytics platform in the market today. We are thrilled to join the Splunk team and help contribute to its vision of helping customers turn data into answers.”

Don't rule out that quote being a genuine sentiment, as there are far more ignominious exits from a business than a quick cash acquisition. Perhaps that inflammatory blog post even helped to put Rocana on Splunk's radar. Stranger things have happened in StartupLand! ®

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