Capgemini: We love our 'flexible, flowing' spade

Totally, like, an expression of 'humanity and commitment' and stuff

Logowatch Throwing caution to the wind, the IT outsourcing and services giant Capgemini is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a daring visit to the Strategy Boutique.

The Gallic operation's wordmark is now expressed in a cursive script, and controversially features a radically redrawn corporate spade.

"We love our spade," gushes Virginie Regis, Capgem's chief marketing officer. But now the spade is "animated by positive energy", the official announcement trumpets. Head office elaborates:

Traditionally the highest value suit in a deck of playing cards, Capgemini's spade is now fluid and dynamic, reflecting the evolving technology landscape and the ability of Capgemini to constantly adapt and master the latest innovation, yet still with the precision and accuracy that are fundamental to successful client delivery. The spade is now flexible: flowing, folding and turning.

Ms Regis confirms that the now-flexible spade has a purpose: "It will be used to reveal different sides of us, including our sharp points of precision – the precision our clients need from us."

Old CapGem logo

OLD: Sadly lacking positive energy

NEW: Positive energy added

The redesigned wordmark features a cursive script and a darker blue.

"The darker blue represents the depth of its heritage and the dependability of the brand and its people, while the lighter blue represents the new world – energetic, inspiring and free-thinking," we're told.

Overall, it's a "fundamental expression of Capgemini's humanity and commitment".

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And look out for more surprises.

"Work is also now under way on the overall architecture of the Group's brands," Regis promises.

The French giant began life as Sogeti in 1968. ®

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